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A Treasure Valley Christmas | Boise, Idaho

As the first frost settles on the serene landscape of Treasure Valley, transforming it into a winter wonderland, the festive season beckons with a warmth that defies the cold. Christmas in Treasure Valley isn't just a holiday; it's an experience, a canvas of memories painted with the joyous hues of tradition and the vibrant colors of innovation. For a professional designer and stager like myself, it's the season to celebrate not just the joy of the holidays, but the intricate beauty found in every ornament, light, and ice rink glimmer.

My adventure commenced at the heart of the community's festivities: the Festival of Trees. There, the Boise Centre came alive, each tree a towering beacon of creativity and communal spirit. My designer's eye was immediately drawn to the precision in each ornament's placement, the color coordination, and the unexpected materials that made every tree a unique statement. It wasn't merely a visual feast; it was a symbol of giving, supporting the Saint Alphonsus Foundation, embodying the true spirit of the holiday.

Emily Smith and others at Festival of Trees
Festival of Trees

As night fell, I was captivated by the luminous spectacle of the Scentsy lights. I imagined a tapestry woven from countless LED lights, each one a pixel in a grand design that unfurled across the darkness. This was where design transcended expectation, creating a tableau that enchanted every visitor. The Scentsy lights were more than a tradition; they were a beacon, drawing together friends and families into the warmth of its glow, forging lasting memories under the stars.

Emily Smith and others at Scentsy

The culmination of my seasonal exploration was the ice rink at Indian Creek Plaza. To step onto the ice was to dance through a story written in frost, it literally felt like a Hallmark Movie. The rink was a marvel, not just for its reflective beauty, but for the atmosphere it created—where the community came together in celebration. Each laugh, each shared moment on the ice, was a testament to the plaza's thoughtful design, an ode to the joy that can be found in the simplest of pleasures.

Emily Smith and others at Indian Creek Plaza ice skating.
Indian Creek Plaza

I can’t wait to visit Gateway parks at Eagle Island to go sledding this year with my family. Staying warm by the firepit and holding hands screaming as we fly through the air on the sleds. With Santa present to say hi, hot cocoa available, it is one of my favorite traditions.

Emily Smith and family sledding down a snowy hill.
Family Sledding

Let it snow. We just need some snow and we will be ready to hit the slopes of Bogus basin. Strapping into my skiis, heading up the chairlifts and zooming down the hill.

Waiting for family to arrive off the hill, gathering at the fire pit at the base of the mountain, watching all the little kiddos heading up the bunny hill.

Through my journey in Treasure Valley during the Christmas season, I was reminded that my vocation was more than a job—it was a lens through which I experienced the world. Every light, every bauble, every ice crystal was a note in a grand symphony of design and emotion. This Christmas escapade had been rewarding beyond measure, not just for the splendor that met my eyes, but for the warmth that filled my heart. It was the people, the community, and their creations that wove the true fabric of Treasure Valley's holiday season.

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