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Transforming Homes with Love: Valentines Day Decorating Tips from Emily Elizabeth Home

Table set of gold knife and spoon on a wicker place mat and white plate. On the plate are some heart shaped candies.

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season of love than by transforming your home into a cozy and romantic haven? At Emily Elizabeth Home we believe that every space has the potential to radiate love and warmth. In this blog post, we will share creative and affordable decorating ideas to help you infuse the spirit of Valentines Day into your living space.

Heart graphics overlaid a blurred photograph.

Heartfelt Hues:

Start by incorporating Valentines Day colors into your decor. While red and pink are

classic choices, consider adding touches of gold or soft pastels for a more sophisticated

look. Swap out everyday throw pillows and blankets for ones in these romantic hues to

instantly set the mood.

Floral Elegance:

Flowers are synonymous with love, and incorporating them into your decor is a timeless

way to celebrate Valentines Day. Opt for arrangements of red roses, tulips, or even a

mix of different blooms placed strategically around your home. Consider using unique

vases or containers to add a touch of personality.

Pink roses and macarons on a pink pastel background.

Candlelit Ambiance:

Create a cozy and romantic atmosphere with the warm glow of candles. Scatter an

assortment of candles throughout your home, choosing different sizes and shapes for

visual interest. Scented candles with fragrances like lavender or vanilla can enhance the

overall ambiance.

White and grey candles creating a calming background.

Love Notes and Quotes:

Inject a personalized touch into your decor by incorporating love notes or romantic

quotes. Frame meaningful quotes or use chalkboards to write love messages that

resonate with you and your partner. This adds a sentimental touch to your Valentines

Day decor.

Sweet Treats Display:

Set up a charming display of Valentines Day treats in your kitchen or dining area.

Consider a tiered tray adorned with heart-shaped cookies, chocolates, and other

sweets. Not only does it add a festive touch, but it also invites indulgence in the spirit of

the season.

Heart shaped cookies on a white plate under brown table cloth and wooden table with heart sprinkles.

Romantic Bedding:

Extend the Valentines Day theme into the bedroom with romantic bedding. Opt for

sheets and pillowcases in shades of red or pink, and layer on cozy throws and

cushions. Your bedroom will become a romantic retreat for the holiday.

DIY Love Crafts:

Get creative with do-it-yourself love crafts. Consider making your own heart-shaped

wreaths, garlands, or banners using materials like paper, fabric, or felt. These

handmade touches add a unique and personal flair to your Valentines Day decor.

Pink paper hearts hanging from strings as background decor.

This Valentines Day, let your home become a testament to love and romance with

these simple yet impactful decorating tips from Emily Elizabeth Home. Whether you are

celebrating with a partner, friends, or family, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is

sure to make this special day even more memorable. Happy decorating!

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